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Sterling Scholar

September 28, 2023

For Seniors only!

The Sterling Scholar program is extremely competitive state-wide.  It is good to be aware of what makes a viable candidate, as the process to become a Sterling Scholar is time-consuming and involved.  This information is not meant to discourage you – only to make you aware of what it takes to be a part of this prestigious program.  Remember that you do not have to fit into every bullet point listed below, though the more you do, the more competitive you will be.  To be competitive, consider the following:

  •  ACT score of 25 and above
  • GPA of at least 3.70
  •  A rigorous class schedule
  •  Involvement in extracurricular activities
  •  Involvement in service activities
  • Leadership opportunities within the school and outside of the school
  •  Have taken multiple classes (preferably more advanced classes) in the department of your chosen category. (You will interview with the teachers of the department, and it is good if they know you.)

 You may bring portfolios/projects to the interview; however, bring only what you can carry yourself.

Please deliver a physical paper copy of your application to Mrs. C-J, room 411.

Access to Digital Copy Here

QUESTIONS? Talk to Mrs. Carlton-Johnson in room A411 or email her: stephanie.carltonjohnson@canyonsdistrict.org
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