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September 9, 2020

In Attendance:

1.     Greg Leavitt

2.     Brant Thomsen

3.     Jan Hansen

4.     Suzanne Riches

5.     Nicole Huff

6.     Rebecca Martin

7.     Karen Conder

8.     Stacey Timmerman

9.     Karina Park

10.  Jeremy Wright

11.  Jason Dong

12.  Julie Cluff

13.  RJ Graham

14.  Stacey Kratz

15.  Mont Millerberg


Meeting Notes:

·       Brant Thomsen opened the meeting.

·       Mr. Leavitt stated that Brant Thomsen should serve a second year as chair, since this would be the second year of his two year term. Brant agreed to serve.

·       Brief self-introductions by SCC members

·       Agenda Item: COVID-19 Updates

o   Question: How many online students are primarily with Hillcrest teachers?

§  Mr. Leavitt responded that almost all of the online students are working with Hillcrest teachers.

§  We have 110 exclusively online students. Others are hybrid.

§  We have more online students than any other high school.

o   We have only had two cases of COVID and 37 quarantines. We are doing well with regard to the virus.

o   Mr. Leavitt said that he is recommending that the district not adjust schedules at the quarter as they said they would do. It has been a huge amount of work to make current schedules work—upsetting things now would not be to our advantage.  He also said that he sees the hybrid schedule as more of a convenience choice than a real need. He would welcome email from SCC members on this issue and plans to address this with the district.

o   Julie Cluff moved that we move the COVID discussion to the end of the agenda, so that we get other items discussed, then spend time on COVID issues. The group voted to suspend the COVID discussion, moving it to the end of the meeting.

·       Agenda Item: TSSP and Land Trust Plan

o   The TSSP and Land Trust plan can be found on the HHS website at the following link:


o   $311.699 in the TSSP funds

o   $277,300 in Land Trust funds

o   All of the money was used to buy more teachers. The breakdown of expenditures can be viewed on the TSSP and Land Trust documents.

o   Brant noted that we will need to begin working on a new plan for this school year.

·       Agenda Item: Roster

o   Mr. Leavitt asked that everyone check contact information on the roster.

·       Agenda Item: SCC Training

o   Dr. Hansen said that SCC training will be online this year. We do not yet have the links, but administration will send them on to SCC when they get them. In-person training will also be available as an option.

·       Agenda Item: Construction Updates

o   Mr. Leavitt: In another two to three weeks, the building will be connected.

o   The building is actually ahead of schedule and should be completed in July of 2021. We will move in before school starts next year.

o   There are no parking issues now. HHS has plenty of parking. The front of the building has visitor parking now—no more needed.

o   The new athletic center is receiving rave reviews. The weight room is a special highlight.

o   It will take another year after moving into the building for the landscaping, ballfields, etc. to be completed. The old building will be demolished during this time.

·       Other items:

o   Karen Conder asked about how homecoming is being handled. Mr. Leavitt reported that all events will be streamed live.

o   SCC members had questions about the Burning of the H. This will be streamed on the SBO Facebook page.

o   Stacey Timmerman asked about attendance at football games. Mr. Leavitt responded that only 45 signed up to come to the last game. We can take 100. Students are assigned to sit in section seats and must only sit it that section. Students will be social distanced and can be contact traced.

o   Karen Conder asked about the player injured in the last football game. Mr. Leavitt responded that the student is fine. Calls were made to Highland High about this incident. They have apologized.

o   Question was asked about the new building theater. Will it be fully functional when we move into the new building? Mr. Leavitt responded that everything will be ready to go. It has a very large stage and will seat 1500. There is an adjacent dance room that is as large as the stage to accommodate rehearsal. An orchestra pit will be part of the new auditorium.

o   Members commented on what a great help the new traffic light and entrance to the campus has been, facilitating drop-off and pick-up by parents.

o   Brant told the group that his name has been used by someone else claiming to be him in emails to community council members. Do not be fooled by requests to buy gift certificates.

o   Future meetings: Mr. Leavitt requested that SCC be moved to the second Wednesday of the month instead of the third. A motion was floated and passed unanimously.

o   A poll was taken regarding the location of meetings. No members opted for online, and members did agree to meet in the fieldhouse location again next time.

o   A question was asked about renting the new building. Mr. Leavitt responded that we are obligated to rent the building if it is available when members of the community ask since it was built with taxpayer money. The new theater is not likely to be rented very often because our performing arts department uses it extensively.

o   Greg said that we will be getting a couple of new webmasters for the website.  He noted that parents can find the School-Wide Disclosure on the site as well as the new English writing rubrics.

o   Members suggested a round of applause for the way Mr. Leavitt and Hillcrest have handled the new school year.

o   Dr. Hansen mentioned that Parent/Teacher conferences will be virtual this year. Time slots will not be used, but parents will line up for conferences online, just as they would do for in-person conferences. Administration is still working on this. Mr. Leavitt said that if parents do not have the necessary equipment to do an online meeting, they can meet with the teacher in-person.

o   Dr. Hansen reminded the group that picture day is Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Students will be called from their English classes. If parents want senior graduation robes for the picture, they will need to talk to LifeTouch and make arrangements off-campus.

o   SCC members praised teachers for the work they are doing to run courses on and offline. When students are forced to stay home, they are able to keep up with the class on CANVAS.

o   Brant dismissed the meeting. The next meeting will be held on October 14th at 5:00 PM.

Prepared by Suzanne Riches



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