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Agenda Items:

  1. TSSP and LAND Trust Plans
    • Terminology reminders (for the benefit of the Chair and anyone else confused by the recent changes):
      • BLT = Building Leadership Team
      • TSSP = Teacher and Student Success Plan:Includes plan for spending TSSA (Teacher Student Success Act) funds;formerly CSIP (Comprehensive School Improvement Plan)
      • LAND Trust Plan: Plan for spending LAND Trust funds
    • Continuation of discussion from last meeting
    • Discuss priorities, recommendations, and academic goals.
    • What is going well, and what is not, from last year’s plans?
    • What, if anything, do we want to do differently from last year’s (2019-2020) plans?
    1. Draft of School Wide Disclosure
    1. Construction and Parking
      • Parking lot and pick-up/drop-off issues or concerns
      • Construction impacts and updates
    1. SCC Roster
      • Any updates to the SCC Roster?
    1. Other Items
      • Next meeting scheduled for February 19, 2020
      • Any other topics? 
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