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HUSKY STRONG 10/19/2022


Hillcrest High School, Midvale, Utah


*In this Husky Strong, you will find information about: Key Dates, Hillcrest Shoutouts, Parent Square, Free Vision Clinic, UCAW, FAFSA Completion Night, Halloween Expectations, PTSA Information, Week of Events, Community Events, School Flyers*



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Upcoming Key Dates



October 19, 2022

End of First Quarter

October 20-21, 2022

Fall Break (No School)

October 26, 2022

Free Vision Clinic

October 24-28, 2022

Utah College Application Week (UCAW) Week for Seniors

October 27, 2022

FAFSA Completion Night for Seniors

October 29, 2022

Husky Howl (Halloween Dance)

We are Hillcrest

Check out all the Hillcrest Clubs. Click HERE for a list, if interested please reach out to the advisor listed.

Hillcrest High School now has a team store for the entire school! This team store is live 24/7 and includes multiple options for anyone looking for Hillcrest gear. It will ship directly to you! Currently, there is a 25% discount for our grand opening. Check out the store HERE 

To buy Hillcrest sporting events tickets please click HERE

To view live Hillcrest sporting events please click HERE

Parent Square

Hillcrest High School is using Parent Square! Parent Square is a free app used for communication between parents, teachers, and staff from Hillcrest. Parent Square uses information from skyward including name, phone number, email address, and home language to register an account for Parents. Parents are able to communicate and see messages from teachers and staff in their home language. Download the app on the Apple or Android store! For an overview of Parent Square click the following video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOaxk_u0mqA

Hillcrest Free Vision Clinic

The Hillcrest Free Vision Clinic has changed the date to OCTOBER 26th. We are partnering with Utah Partners for Health to offer free vision screenings and glasses to students who cannot afford them on October 26th during school. Please contact Elena Foley in Office A171A, call 801-826-6167, or email elena.foley@canyonsdistrict.org for more information. 

FAFSA Completion Night Information 

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is used to determine financial aid eligibility and is required to be completed at all colleges for scholarship consideration. It is strongly recommended that Seniors complete the FAFSA. Hillcrest will host its annual FAFSA Completion night on October 27th from 6 pm-8 pm. We will have college financial aid advisors available to assist families with the completion of the FAFSA and to answer any questions that you have. Spanish interpreters will be available. You will need to bring the following to FAFSA completion night: A copy of your student and parents 2021 tax return, Social Security Cards, and your FSA ID if you have completed it. If you have any questions, please reach out to Max Huftalin at max.huftalin@utah.edu or Atiya Nash at atiya.nash@canyonsdistrict.org.

NoUCAW (Utah College Application Week)

  • Monday, Oct. 24, Kick-off Assembly- We will have Dr. Rick Robbins, our superintendent, and Shawn Newell, Utah Higher Ed Board member, speaking to our seniors. They will then go to two break-out college sessions of their choice. Seniors will be excused from 8:45 am-11 am on Monday, Oct. 24 for the assembly. After the assembly, Jostens will be in the presentation room to hand out senior packets. Packets will be available in the front office for students unable to pick them up. 
  • Tuesday, Oct. 25 and Wednesday, Oct. 26– counselors will be in senior ELA classes helping seniors apply to college. All other English classes will discuss the UCAW Newsletter and learn college terminology. 
  • Thursday, October 27 – makeup application day for seniors that were absent Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Halloween Day and Howl Expectations

On October 29, 2022, Hillcrest High School will have the Husky Howl Dance (Halloween Dance). Tickets will be sold during lunches in the cafeteria. As part of our school-wide efforts to keep students safe, we are requiring students who want to bring a date or friend from another school, to fill out the Guest Request Form.  

There will be provided copies of this form in the main office for students to pick up. Students will be asked to provide a student ID to enter the dance. If students do not provide their ID, they will not be allowed in the dance. Students coming from other schools must bring their ID along with the Guest Request Form. If they cannot produce those, they will not be allowed in the dance. 

Hillcrest students must accompany a Guest. This means the ratio must be 1 Hillcrest student to every 1 Guest Student. No exceptions are allowed.

School Dance and Halloween Day Dress Code Requirements

For those students who would like to dress up for the Halloween Dance (Husky Howl) or Halloween day, they are more than welcome to, as long as they follow the guidelines listed below. Regular school rules regarding the dress code must be followed.  

  • No masks and no more than 50% of your face can be painted. No props, canes, sticks, glow sticks, or weapon-like items of any kind are allowed. No fake blood or other substances that will spill or cause a mess will be allowed.
  • Students may not wear anything suggestive or provocative in nature. No underwear as outerwear will be allowed.
  • Nothing that promotes the use of illegal substances or activities, derogatory or disrespectful, or portrays violence.
  • Students must show respect to other students by not touching, defacing, or insulting other students’ costumes.
  • Students must show respect for others by not choosing costumes that are insensitive and/or offensive to the diverse backgrounds represented by others at our school.


Anyone who does not follow the Halloween Dance Dress Code will be subject to the dress code violation consequences or further disciplinary action such as a call home for a change of clothing, no admission into the dance or removal from the dance. If you or your student have questions on whether their costume follows the dress code, please reach out to the Assistant Principal over your student. Please make every effort to keep this Dance fun and safe for all students. 

PTSA Information

Congratulations to our Husky Hero Winners for October

Freshman: Mi Yun Grayson & Leilani Ramirez

Sophomores: Jacob Roy & Steven Hoskins

Juniors: Mia Mancera & Aubrey Colson

Seniors: Alexis Maulden & Michkat Abderahim

Thank you for making a difference in our Husky community! Please stop by the main office to pick up your gift bag. We want to thank Classic Fun Center, Chick-fil-a, Zao, Chipotle, and Allstar bowling for their support.

Do YOU know who would be a good Husky Hero? Hillcrest PTA recognizes 8 students each month as Husky Heroes.  Nominate someone today by clicking on this link!

Online submissions are at: https://forms.gle/uCwUp2A3za9WRfvg7

Reflections Art Contest DEADLINE OCT 28th!

The theme is “SHOW YOUR VOICE.” Start working on your entries in the following categories: 2D Visual Art, 3D Art, Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Photography, and Music Composition. (There is even a category for special needs artists).

Deadline October 28th so start your entries today!

Check out www.utahpta.org for more information.

Looking for a Holiday gift?? Order a Husky Blanket!

Husky Blankets for sale!  $75 for a super plush blanket. Show your Husky Pride!

Also for sale- sports water bottles for $10 and decals for $3


Did you know you can purchase in the Main Office using cash/check (and avoid cc fees)?


JOIN Hillcrest High PTSA and support the parents, teachers, and students!  Only $7  WE NEED YOU!


PTSA Board 2022-23: Pres- Rebecca Martin, Sec- Becca Staker, Treasurer- Chelsea Worth, VP Membership- Kayo Robinson, VP Advocacy- Stacey Kratz

Hillcrest 1 Week Calendar of Events:

October 19

  • End of First Quarter 
  • Cheer Practice in Main Gym (6 am-7:3 0am)
  • Health Class in Presentation Room (11:42 am-12:58 pm)
  • Musical Rehearsals in Aud (2:30 pm-5:30 pm)
  • Pit Orchestra Rehearsals in Aud (2:30 pm-5:30 pm)
  • Baseball Open Gym in Fieldhouse (3 pm-5 pm)
  • Football Practice at Football Field (3 pm-5:30 pm)
  • Volleyball Practice in Main Gym (3 pm-5 pm)
  • Softball Open Gym in Fieldhouse (7 pm-9 pm)

October 20

  • Fall Break
  • Baseball Weights in Weight Room (6 am-7 am)
  • Drill Practice in Main Gym (6 am-7:30 am)
  • Set build (9 am-8 pm)
  • Musical Rehearsals in Aud (2:30 pm-5:30 pm)
  • Football Practice at Football Field (3 pm-5:30 pm)
  • Boys Soccer Open Gym in Fieldhouse (6:30 pm-9 pm)
  • Volleyball: Cedar Valley @ HHS (Soph 3:30, JV 5:00) 6:30 pm-7:30 pm)

October 21

  • Fall Break 
  • Drill Practice in Main Gym (6 am-7:30 am)
  • Set Build (9 am-8 pm)
  • Musical Rehearsals in Aud (2:30 pm-5:30 pm)
  • Volleyball Practice in Main Gym (3 pm-5 pm)

October 22

  • Girls Soccer in Fieldhouse (9 am-11 am)
  • Set Build (9 am-8 pm)
  • Softball Open Gym in Fieldhouse (11 am-1 pm)
  • Baseball Open Gym in Fieldhouse (1 pm-3 pm)

October 24

  • Drill Practice in Main Gym (6 am-7:30 pm)
  • UCAW Assembly in Auditorium (7:45 am-11:06 am)
  • UCAW in Hosting Room (9:45 am-11:15 am)
  • Jostens Hand Out Senior Packets During Both Lunches (10:30 am-1 pm)
  • Musical Rehearsals in Auditorium (2:30 pm-5:30 pm)
  • Pit Orchestra Rehearsal (2:30 pm-5 pm)
  • Volleyball Practice in Main Gym (3 pm-5 pm)
  • Middle School Volleyball in Main Gym (5:30 pm-7 pm)
  • Cheer Practice in Aux Gym (6 pm-9 pm)
  • Softball Open Gym in Fieldhouse (7 pm-9 pm)

October 25

  • Cross Country: UHSAA 5A State Championship
  • UCAW College Applications (12th Grade English Classes)
  • Baseball Weights in Weight Room (6 am-7 am)
  • Drill Practice in Main Gym (6 am-7 am)
  • HHS Farmers Market in Commons (2 pm-3:30 pm)
  • Boys Basketball in Weight Room (2:30 pm-3:30 pm)
  • Musical Rehearsals in Aud (2:30 pm-3:30 pm)
  • Drill Practice in Aux Gym (3 pm-5 pm)
  • Boys Soccer Open Gym in Fieldhouse (6 pm-10 pm)
  • Volleyball @Tooele (Soph 3:30, JV 5:00) (6:30 pm-7:30 pm)
  • Boys Basketball Open Gym in Main and Aux Gym (7 pm-9 pm)

October 26

  • UCAW College Applications (12th Grade English Classes)
  • Drill Practice in Main Gym (6 am-7:30 am)
  • Lifetouch Retakes in Auditorium/Stage (7:15 am-1:30 pm)
  • Musical Rehearsals in Aud (2:30 pm-5:30 pm)
  • Pit Orchestra Rehearsal (2:30 pm-5 pm)
  • Baseball Open Gym in Fieldhouse (3 pm-5 pm)
  • Football Practice at Football Field (3 pm-5 pm)
  • Volleyball Practice in Main Gym (3 pm-5 pm)
  • Girls Soccer Banquet in Gallery (5 pm-9 pm)
  • Softball Open Gym in Fieldhouse (7 pm-9 pm)


Weekly Calendar Community Events:

Each week we will feature community events in Midvale or surrounding areas. Please note, these events are not sponsored by Hillcrest High School. This week: Midvale City Halloween and Service Project, Tyler Library Events & Affordable Connectivity Program. Please click HERE for more info. 

HHS School Flyers and Events



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