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Attendance School

School attendance is crucial to student achievement and graduation.  Students who are absent/tardy to class will need to make up the time by attending and completing the requirements of attendance make-up sessions.  Make-up sessions are offered in the following formats:
·      Before school from 6:10 am – 7:00am, must sign up on-line
·      After school from 2:35pm – 3:25pm, must sign up on-line
·      Monday, Wednesday or Friday during student support time from 7:00am -7:50am, specific to teacher schedule and request.  This option requires the student to make arrangement with a teacher.
Regardless of the make-up session format students must follow the following requirements to receive credit for the session:
·      Students must be in the designated room on time
·      Students must have a school task to complete or reading material
·      Students must not use cell phones during the session
·      Students must remain quiet and on task
Credit will be assigned to only those students who complete these requirements.  HHS staff encourages students to make up absences/tardiness before an accumulation of 5 marks.  After 5 marks students will receive an NG in the class.  Upon receiving an NG a grade won’t be assigned until the NG is removed.  NG’s will require multiple make-up sessions.  To sign up for make-up sessions please use the link: ATTENDANCE SCHOOL.