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Attendance School

School attendance is crucial to student achievement and graduation.  Students who are absent/tardy to class will need to make up the time by attending and completing the requirements of attendance make-up sessions.  Make-up sessions are offered in the following formats:
·      Before school from 6:10 am – 7:00am, must sign up on-line
·      After school from 2:35pm – 3:25pm, must sign up on-line
·      Monday, Wednesday or Friday during student support time from 7:00am -7:50am, specific to teacher schedule and request.  This option requires the student to make arrangement with a teacher.
Regardless of the make-up session format students must follow the following requirements to receive credit for the session:
·      Students must be in the designated room on time
·      Students must have a school task to complete or reading material
·      Students must not use cell phones during the session
·      Students must remain quiet and on task
Credit will be assigned to only those students who complete these requirements.  HHS staff encourages students to make up absences/tardiness before an accumulation of 5 marks.  After 5 marks students will receive an NG in the class.  Upon receiving an NG a grade won’t be assigned until the NG is removed.  NG’s will require multiple make-up sessions.  To sign up for make-up sessions please use the link: ATTENDANCE SCHOOL.

Sr. Baby Ads

Baby Ads Deadline:  Due December 4th 2015

Please turn in form to the main office at Hillcrest High School. Download document for more details.
Download Documets

Senior Dinner Dance

Reminisce on this past school year as the Class of 2014 is sent on their way.

Theme: Send me on my way

Location: Larry Miller VIP Room, Energy Solutions Arena

When: May 31, 2014

Time: 6:00-9:00

Cost: $40 each individual, purchase from SBO's at lunch!

DECA STATE Competition

Hillcrest High DECA attended the Utah DECA STATE competition February 27th & 28th. Our chapter took 29 of our members by bus up to the Layton Conference Center to stay overnight for the two day competition. Every event includes a test and a case study/role play. We competed in Sports Marketing, Business Law & Ethics, Hotel & Lodging, Retail, Travel & Tourism, Human Resources, Quick Serve Restaurant, Hospitality, Restaurant & Food Services, Accounting Applications, Business Services, Marketing Communications, Entrepreneurship Innovation, & Apparel & Accessories Marketing. Some events had up to 70 entries from across the state. Some schools had up to 100 students from the chapter competing.

We took 29 students to DECA State and here are our results:

  • 26/29 made it to finals
  • 3/29 placed in the top 10% for their test
  • 16/26 (finalists) placed in the top 10 for their event
  • 5 students qualified for Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia on May 5th.
    • Hari Demirev placed 1st in Business Services
    • Madisen Orn placed 2nd in Quick Serve Restaurant Management
    • Michelle Tseung and Lindsay Joyner placed 3rd in Travel and Tourism Management
    • Brianna Bernstein placed 3rd in Hotel & Lodging Management
  • We also had quite a few place high, but not qualify.
    • Chris Turner placed 5th in Accounting Applications (as a freshman!!!)
    • Simran Saini placed 4th in Hotel & Lodging Management
    • Taylor Patterson & Monika Kowalski placed 6th in Sports and Entertainment Marketing Management
    • Rio Turnbull placed 6th in Retail Marketing Management
  • As a chapter we were one of only several school to earn the “100 club” award for increasing our membership by 100% or more from last year.
  • Our own Lindsay Joyner will be applying and running for DECA State VP of Central Region for the 2014-2015 school year. Her application will be submitted this week.  

Thank you for your support and cheering on our 5 DECA members that will be competing in Atlanta, Georgia in May!!! Mrs. Symes and Mrs. Broadbent and all of Hillcrest are VERY proud of their students and all of their hard work!