Counseling: Graduation

blcap3Canyons School District Graduation Requirements 

The graduation requirements vary depending on what year you will graduate from high school. See the attached document below for information on the requirements for each grade level:

                                                  Class of 2016 Diploma 

                                                  Class of 2017+ Diploma

Regents and Diploma Requirements (Espanol)

Canyons also offers Honors and Advanced Diplomas

In order to apply for an Advanced or Honors diploma, print and complete the. Applications for Honors and advance dipolmas are due by Tuesday, April 16, to the Counseling Center. Please see Mrs. J about this.

The requirements for the Advanced diploma include all the requirements of the Standard diploma, with additional requirements of:

  • Two of the three science credits must include Biology, Chemistry, or Physics
  • Two years of a world language in grades 8-12 (Note: The Utah Regents' Scholarship requires that two years of a world language be completed in grades 9-12.)

The requirements for honors diplomas include all the requirements of the Standard and Advanced diplomas, with the additional requirement of meeting the ACT College Readiness Benchmark Scores of:

  • English: 18
  • Reading: 21
  • Math: 22
  • Science: 24

School Profile Information

Plan for College and Career Ready (PCCR)

Senior PCCR (12th grade)

Freshman PCCR (9th grade)

Sophmore PCCR (10th)

Junior PCCR (11th grade) - 


Make-Up Credits/Online Credit

Statewide Online Education Program information about online courses and programs available through the Statewide Online Education Program.

Students who fail courses needed for graduation must make up those credits outside of the regular school day. They may not retake the same course as part of their regular day program. Options for Make-Up Credits Include:

  1. Hillcrest High School make-up packet ($35 per quarter)
  2. Summer School at Valley High School (Contact your counselor or Valley High at 801-572-7035
  3. Electronic High School
  4. Canyons Virtual High School($35 per quarter)
  5. Brigham Young University Independent Study courses 
  6. Course work at other institutions accredited by the Utah State Board of Education