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Learning Links

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Learning Sites

Many terrific learning sites are listed here!

The Top 25 Sites for Teaching and Learning: American Library Assoc.
Great Sites that do more than entertain!

An excellent index on a variety of high school subjects.

Multi-media lessons on a wide array of high school topics—full of definitions, formulae and calculations.

The International Society for Technology in Education. Great technology learning tools for teachers, students and classrooms.

Excellent Sources for School Project Images: Click on links below.
Photos for Class (Links to an external site.)
Pics4Learning (Links to an external site.) (These images can be uploaded to a Canyons student’s Google drive.)
KidzSearch (Links to an external site.)
Safe Search Kids (Links to an external site.)

UEN Multimedia Resources for Educators and Students (Links to an external site.)

UEN Lesson Plans for Teachers
Lesson plans for all subjects and levels. Each begins with an essential question and utilizes Utah’s Online Library and resources.

Internet Archive
Free Internet books and other media. Great resource for many popular curriculum selections.

Business and Careers

Google Templates
     Good for many purposes–particularly good for business!

Language Arts

You will find many excellent reading lists here, plus writing resources.

The Young Adult Library Services Association web page contains all major award lists, plus excellent information and guidance on young adult reading.

Rhyme Zone
A Great site for word play!

Library of Congress Center for the Book
A rich resource on books,history of the book, book awards, American classics and much more! Includes some interesting historical books you can flip through online!

Poet’s Corner
A large and comprehensive collection of Poetry indexed by author, title and subject. This collection includes approximately 7000 works by 800 authors, and spans hundreds of years and a wide range of genres.




Especially helpful resources, many include videos of processes and concepts.

Kahn Academy
Kahn Academy now includes expanded academic subjects, but continues to offer especially strong instruction in math. Review the subjects listed under math. Hundreds of videos helping you to understand small concepts that unlock big understanding. Drop the subject tab down to review topic lists.

U.S. Census
All kinds of statistics and many tools!

You Can Learn Anything–Even Math!
Great Video about how we learn and why we can learn every subject. Did you know we learn more from mistakes than success?

Performing Arts

Contains a rich compendium of Broadway and Off-Broadway production news. The site is replete with phots and illustrations.

Broadway Musical Home
Contains information on Broadway performers, composers and current Broadway shows.



You will find many interactive science links here.

National Science Digital Library 
Funded by the National Science Foundation, this is a great site for all science subjects. Full of interactives, videos, pictures and much more!

Vital Signs
Great site for life sciences. Track species locally and around the world.

National Science Foundation
Science news, publications, teaching and learning ideas.

The Periodic Table of Videos
Tables charting the chemical elements have been around since the 19th century, but this modern version has a short video about each one. 118 videos with stories, examples and interesting information on each element. 

Best for science, math, engineering and other STEM-related topics. Small, focused modules provide explanations, equations, etc. Materials can be remixed and copied by teachers for reuse. Students will find useful instruction on difficult topics here. Includes, biology, physics, chemistry and much more. Will require logins from students and teachers.

Social Studies

U.S. Supreme Court Cases, Opinions and Arguments
Use the Advanced Search to find original documents from cases that have been decided by the Supreme Court.

Library of Congress
Powerful resource for history, biography, geography! A wonderful resource for images–do cite your source!

World Digital Library
A huge collection of art, stories and cultural pieces that promote understanding and knowledge of cultures around the world.

African American Month Resources from UEN
Excellent sites and videos on the history of African Americans.

CIA World Fact Book
This resource provides information on the history, people, government, economy, energy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.

The Gender Wage Gap: 2016; Earnings Differences by Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Churchill Archive for Schools

Webquest: Women’s History

Visual Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Contains the Metropolitan’s collection online with history and information. A rich collection of art from many locations around the world and many time periods.

Edsitement: Art and Culture 
Many lesson exploring art and art principles in a larger cultural context.

Digital World Library
Beautiful art and artifacts from history and cultures around the world.

World Languages

Resources Coming Soon 

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